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Bath Bomb

Bath Bomb

Bath Rehab
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Dr Love Bath Bomb | Absolute Rose ~ huge 300g bath bomb is filled with rose and made with love. Designed to leave you feeling adored.

Dr Mellow Bath Bomb | Coconut & Hibiscus ~This huge 300g bath bomb is filled with coconut, hibiscus and Himalayan salt leaving your skin soft and refreshed.

Dr Calm Bath Bomb | Lavender & Rose ~This huge 300g bath bomb is filled with lavender and rose making it the perfect addition to your night time routine.

Dr Mindful Bath Bomb | Lemon & Chamomile ~ contains refreshing lemon helping to revive tired skin, whilst the chamomile flowers help reduce anxiety

Dr Joyful Bath Bomb | Rose & Himalayan Salt ~filled with rose and Himalayan salt helping you relax and unwind after a long day.

Dr Refresh Bath Bomb | Orange & Jasmine ~ rejuvenating orange helping to restore energy and uplift the mind and body




 Perfect for sharing with your partner or for the ultimate self-indulgent night in
 Try all the botanical bath bombs