Bondi Shell Dish

Bondi Shell Dish

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Handmade in Australia, these stylish shell shaped trays are a beautiful way to keep your jewellery, trinkets, anything that you can think of really! They are lightweight, durable and cool to the touch. 

 Casted here in Australia in a variety of moulds, then sanded by hand for a smooth finish. They are then sealed with a water resistant sealer to protect stains and water damage. Our products are not waterproof.

Please keep these products indoors as the outdoor elements can shorten their lifespan and cause blemishes.

Dimensions: 11cm x 11cm



Care: Ensure all products are cleaned with a soft, damp cloth and gentle soap. These products are sealed and water resistant, however they can still absorb liquids and waxes causing marks and stains. 

It is advised to clean off all strong contaminants as soon as possible as these items can stain. This product has not been tested for food safety.  

Please allow for minor irregularities and imperfections as each piece is handmade with L O V E. Each piece will also likely have small air bubbles which is part of the nature of our pieces. 

The colour of your item will not be exactly as pictured. This is due to a number of factors such as lighting, and the fact that each colour is handmade each time a piece is created. It is near impossible to create the exact colour each time. It is for this reason that you colour will be referred to as a tone.